Movie Recreation: Ron Weasley

I had a lot of fun roleplaying as Ron Weasley for a few minutes in trying to recreate his posture. I have been told by many people that I look like Ron, although other than the red hair I’m not sure the similarities extend much further in my opinion. Regardless, it was a challenging exercise trying to recreate something.

The wardrobe was certainly the hardest to get perfect, as I had limited resources available. I went with the quarter zip and sport coat as I believe it is similar to how Ron dresses, even if it is not exactly the same as in the photo.

The wand was easy, as just about any old stick would do, however nailing the angle that the wand was being held was far tougher than I imagined. The background was impossible, but I saw a nice brick wall that I thought could have been found somewhere within the Harry Potter universe.

I certainly gained a newfound appreciation for everything that goes into a movie or T.V. scene. As I was scrolling through pictures and videos to recreate, I noticed the immense amount of detail that goes into the clothes, lighting, hair, and makeup. Oftentimes the background can be more important than the foreground! I think this assignment highlighted the need to pay close attention to detail, but to look outside the box for that detail.