Waterfall Cinemegraph

I decided to try my hand at creating a cinemegraph via photoshop. Going into this sketch assignment I was almost positive I wouldn’t be able to complete this assignment, as my artistic skillset and knowledge of photoshop was limited. However, I found that the Lynda tutorials were highly informative and this was one of the easier and coolest projects to do.

I began by taking a screen capture via QuickTime of a 4K Youtube video of this waterfall. From there I imported the video into Photoshop and followed the Lynda tutorial very closely. I like waterfalls and it also didn’t hurt that the tutorial focused on a similar image/video.

I absolutely loved this sketch assignment and could see myself creating more cinemegraphs in the future. I learned to not be phased or deterred by the name/description of any of these sketches, as I initially thought this would be the hardest sketch of all, when in reality it turned out to be one of the easier ones in my opinion.

I did have an incredible amount of trouble saving/exporting my file, and essentially had to do the entire project twice, as Photoshop crashed the first time I exported and lost all of my work.

Here is the video which I created my cinemegraph from.


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