Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Montage

For my movie montage I watched and took screenshots of Star Trek Into Darkness. By just looking at the screenshots you can see that there is an incredible amount of blue and darkness. Without even watching the movie you could have guessed that the movie took place either underwater or in outer space. This movie clearly fell into the latter. The middle of the movie is especially dominated by the light blue, while the beginning and end of the movie has some reds and grays splattered in. The movie was enjoyable to watch with an interest in the colors as they were appearing on the screen. I was interested to see how the red forest in the opening scene would turn out. I was a little disappointed as it got so completely overwhelmed by the blue in the rest of the movie, not to mention the fact that the opening scene was only a fraction of the total movie (The colors were incredible however).


I took the screenshots with a program called InstantShot and made the movie montage with Zach Whalen’s IMJ software.

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