Looking for a Job (Poem Page Sketch)

I decided to spell out the phrase “The succesful gentleman said take a seat” as it seemed relevant to my current life. As a college student, it seems that my entire life is seemingly centered around finding a job or internship for the summer and my time after college. It is really quite a stressful process that is reminiscent of the college application process that we students went through several years ago.

The phrase speaks to me as I think it encapsulates the seriousness and power dynamic of an interview situation. Normally you are asked to take a seat by whoever you are being interviewed by, and generally the person asking you to take a seat is a succesful bussiness man or woman. I find this part of an interview to be stressful as it is the immediate leadup to the start of the interview as a whole. You have had very little time to calm your nerves as you are entirely unsure how the interview will go.

I blacked everything out in part because that was the only colored marker I had, but it also feels like the words are falling into an abyss, similar to how I feel when even searching for a job outside of school. There is so much out there yet it all is unknown to me and anxiety inducing. I am supposed to be searching for a job to potentially spend a good portion of my life at, a monumental decision I am somehow supposed to try and make at such a young age.

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