16 x16 Self Portrait Pixel Art Project

For the pixel artwork sketch, I decided to attempt a self-portrait. It was extremely difficult to convey a detailed portrait of myself with only 256 pixels to work with, so I decided that I needed to somehow convey it was me.

My red hair is obviously a distinguishable trait that was easy to convey in this. Next, I tried to recreate the Nike logo on my gray shirt, a brand and and color which I frequent. In the background, I attempted to show my hometown of Santa Barbara, filled with the ocean, the beach, the sun, and trees. This was certainly an easy part of my portrait, aside from the crude bird in the top right.

I surprisingly did not like this assignment, as my creativity which is already limited, was limited even further by the small-scale canvas. The software was simple enough to use, but I do not like the look of this small pixel art to begin with, so I am not sure I would have liked anything I created.






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