New Media Writing Exercise

  • I think I first came into contact with computers early in grade school. I remember having computer class and playing various different basic games on the old Mac computers. Many things seemed to come naturally but I am not sure why or how they did, as I had never really used technology before in that way.
  • I loved computers. I would always try and browse the internet or play video games for long than I should have. I certainly remember having a very positive experience around computers and my parents not liking how much time I spent doing those things.
  • I remember first making a gmail account so I could chat with my friends at night. It was overhyped and died out quickly. I then remember making a Facebook without my parent’s commission and thinking it was the most spectacular thing in the world. I would post all the time and practically spent my life browsing Facebook.
  • I text on a cellphone, but didn’t get a phone until I was in middle school, which was far later than most, if not all of my friends. Texting just makes getting together and staying in touch with friends incredibly easy.



Technology plays an everyday role in the vast majority of people’s lives around the world. That statement certainly rings true for myself. Thinking about it, I probably spend at least 90% of my day interacting with my computer, phone, or T.V. Whether it be Snapchat or Reddit, I am consuming information each day at an incredible rate.


It is an interesting thought to consider whether or not technology is making us smarter or dumber. From my perspective it is making us more knowledgeable, but our creative juices and thought provoking ideas are slipping away. Our attention spans are shortening and information is more accessible now than ever before. It is an interesting dilemma, one that is now being infiltrated by a swath of “fake news” that has seemingly infiltrated our everyday news sites.


The internet and technology impact me in so many different ways that it is hard to quantify the impact it has had on me. The most prolific is most likely from the website reddit. I use reddit as my main source of news on everything from politics to movies to fantasy football. It has become such a great aggregation of news and information that I find myself constantly browsing reddit for new information. I occasionally post on reddit, but I mainly enjoy reading the stories people have posted, or the news that has just broken. I have gained so much from reddit that I am unsure I would be as knowledgeable about as many things as I am today if it weren’t for reddit. However, that isn’t to say that reddit and the internet in general is wholly good. I am aware that I probably spend too much time on reddit, time that could be spent doing more productive things, but that’s the double edged sword with the internet and most technology, it sucks you in and won’t let you break free. There is essentially a limitless amount of knowledge out there just waiting, but once you go down the rabbit hole it is tough to climb back out into reality.


I am fascinated and inspired by the sheer awesomeness of technology, but I have also come to realize the detriment it has on the youth of our societies. Everyone is always on their phones. No matter the time or the place everyone is always on their phones, and I believe that that is truly harming society. No longer do people communicate face to face, or even on the phone. It is all instant messaging from one screen to another. One day humans might not even interact with each other, as all of society could be digitized. It is a scary and distant thought, but it is still a thought. I am disappointed when everyone at the dinnertable is on their phone’s and not communicating and even more disappointed when I turn and see the same at every other table around me. Parents are no longer parenting, but instead handing their kids a tablet to play on during the dinner. Don’t get me wrong, the tablets can be used for incredible things and can offer people far more knowledge than ever before, but I believe we are too dependent and spend too much time on our devices. At a certain point everyone needs a breath of fresh air and someone to talk to face to face.

Ions in the ether


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