Final Podcast Reflection (Producer)

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I found myself a bit overwhelmed by the producer role to be quite honest. I had experienced the other two roles and completed them with ease and so I did not think the role of the producer would or could be all that different from the others. I can confidently chalk the ease of the other two podcasts to my exceptional team of co-creators. Meagan and Ben really did exceptional work in the first two that only became 100% clear after I had done what they had done so well.

I did not realize just how much time was necessary to gather enough information to speak for 10-15 minutes. But let me tell you, it is a lot. You need to have enough different material to speak about for a lengthy period of time that all relate to each other and that is certainly not as easy as I had imagined.

Aside from the gathering of information, clearly expressing my ideas to both Meagan and Ben were quite hard as well. I had one idea in my head but I had trouble communicating just exactly what I wanted from each of them. This turned out ok because they each had different ideas that helped contribute to the overall podcast which I would never even have thought about.

At the end of the day, I can say that the experience was certainly eye-opening both from a managerial aspect as well as a time management one. I still need to improve my communication skills, and I think that stems from trying to rush through projects quickly. By not doing the entirety of my research before we all met, I put myself and my team at a distinct disadvantage. Although we ended up producing what I thought was an informative and well-done podcast, it certainly could’ve been easier on my team had I better prepared them.

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