Movie Recreation: Ron Weasley

I had a lot of fun roleplaying as Ron Weasley for a few minutes in trying to recreate his posture. I have been told by many people that I look like Ron, although other than the red hair I’m not sure the similarities extend much further in my opinion. Regardless, it was a challenging exercise trying to recreate something.

The wardrobe was certainly the hardest to get perfect, as I had limited resources available. I went with the quarter zip and sport coat as I believe it is similar to how Ron dresses, even if it is not exactly the same as in the photo.

The wand was easy, as just about any old stick would do, however nailing the angle that the wand was being held was far tougher than I imagined. The background was impossible, but I saw a nice brick wall that I thought could have been found somewhere within the Harry Potter universe.

I certainly gained a newfound appreciation for everything that goes into a movie or T.V. scene. As I was scrolling through pictures and videos to recreate, I noticed the immense amount of detail that goes into the clothes, lighting, hair, and makeup. Oftentimes the background can be more important than the foreground! I think this assignment highlighted the need to pay close attention to detail, but to look outside the box for that detail.

Final Sketch Assignment: Assembling the Semester

The final sketch assignment was a very fitting one to conclude the semester.  It perfectly allowed me to reflect on everything I had done throughout the semester, even if it was an extremely condensed version of it. By reflecting on each assignment I was able to break down the steps along the way to show what I learned and achieved during this class.

From the mastering of different forms of media, to the real investigative work we did with the equality of opportunity project, I feel that I have broadened my technological horizons by a very large magnitude. I am now not only able but even comfortable recording a podcast, working in a group setting, creating a cinemagraph, etc. and I find that truly remarkable. If you had shown me the portfolio I would create before the semester started I would have laughed at that and said that there was no chance I would have been able to create half of the things that I was able to produce.

I am extremely happy with the work I created during the semester and it was great for me to put that all into a somewhat linear assembly that you can quickly and easily understand.

Visual Note Taking: Right Wing American History

I have never been a good note taker for as long as I can remember. I have also never been the artistic type either! So this was a difficult assignment for me. I struggled so much in even theorizing what I could draw. The best I could do was a small elephant and even that was difficult! I normally just write all of my notes down in bullet point form down the page (if I even take notes at all) without many headers.

For this, I split the notes into 3 different sections with lines connecting the bullet points to the corresponding topic or person. While it might not look nearly as visual or visually pleasing as others, this is a big step for me and has actually changed how I plan to take notes in the future. By splitting the notes up, I can break down the content into much smaller sections. With the arrows, I can put different content in different places and show the interconnectedness of different topics or people.

This was certainly challenging because of my lack of any visual foresight and creativeness. I do think this has helped me for the future as I this is certainly a step in the right direction for my note taking effectiveness, cleanliness, and overall appeal.

16 x16 Self Portrait Pixel Art Project

For the pixel artwork sketch, I decided to attempt a self-portrait. It was extremely difficult to convey a detailed portrait of myself with only 256 pixels to work with, so I decided that I needed to somehow convey it was me.

My red hair is obviously a distinguishable trait that was easy to convey in this. Next, I tried to recreate the Nike logo on my gray shirt, a brand and and color which I frequent. In the background, I attempted to show my hometown of Santa Barbara, filled with the ocean, the beach, the sun, and trees. This was certainly an easy part of my portrait, aside from the crude bird in the top right.

I surprisingly did not like this assignment, as my creativity which is already limited, was limited even further by the small-scale canvas. The software was simple enough to use, but I do not like the look of this small pixel art to begin with, so I am not sure I would have liked anything I created.






Looking for a Job (Poem Page Sketch)

I decided to spell out the phrase “The succesful gentleman said take a seat” as it seemed relevant to my current life. As a college student, it seems that my entire life is seemingly centered around finding a job or internship for the summer and my time after college. It is really quite a stressful process that is reminiscent of the college application process that we students went through several years ago.

The phrase speaks to me as I think it encapsulates the seriousness and power dynamic of an interview situation. Normally you are asked to take a seat by whoever you are being interviewed by, and generally the person asking you to take a seat is a succesful bussiness man or woman. I find this part of an interview to be stressful as it is the immediate leadup to the start of the interview as a whole. You have had very little time to calm your nerves as you are entirely unsure how the interview will go.

I blacked everything out in part because that was the only colored marker I had, but it also feels like the words are falling into an abyss, similar to how I feel when even searching for a job outside of school. There is so much out there yet it all is unknown to me and anxiety inducing. I am supposed to be searching for a job to potentially spend a good portion of my life at, a monumental decision I am somehow supposed to try and make at such a young age.

Waterfall Cinemegraph

I decided to try my hand at creating a cinemegraph via photoshop. Going into this sketch assignment I was almost positive I wouldn’t be able to complete this assignment, as my artistic skillset and knowledge of photoshop was limited. However, I found that the Lynda tutorials were highly informative and this was one of the easier and coolest projects to do.

I began by taking a screen capture via QuickTime of a 4K Youtube video of this waterfall. From there I imported the video into Photoshop and followed the Lynda tutorial very closely. I like waterfalls and it also didn’t hurt that the tutorial focused on a similar image/video.

I absolutely loved this sketch assignment and could see myself creating more cinemegraphs in the future. I learned to not be phased or deterred by the name/description of any of these sketches, as I initially thought this would be the hardest sketch of all, when in reality it turned out to be one of the easier ones in my opinion.

I did have an incredible amount of trouble saving/exporting my file, and essentially had to do the entire project twice, as Photoshop crashed the first time I exported and lost all of my work.

Here is the video which I created my cinemegraph from.


Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Montage

For my movie montage I watched and took screenshots of Star Trek Into Darkness. By just looking at the screenshots you can see that there is an incredible amount of blue and darkness. Without even watching the movie you could have guessed that the movie took place either underwater or in outer space. This movie clearly fell into the latter. The middle of the movie is especially dominated by the light blue, while the beginning and end of the movie has some reds and grays splattered in. The movie was enjoyable to watch with an interest in the colors as they were appearing on the screen. I was interested to see how the red forest in the opening scene would turn out. I was a little disappointed as it got so completely overwhelmed by the blue in the rest of the movie, not to mention the fact that the opening scene was only a fraction of the total movie (The colors were incredible however).


I took the screenshots with a program called InstantShot and made the movie montage with Zach Whalen’s IMJ software.

How does my healthiness vary over the course of a week?

For this sketch assignment, I attempted to measure how healthy I truly was. I broke my health down into 5 categories (Activity, sleep, mental, food, and miscellaneous) and each day I wrote down a corresponding number, 1-10, with 10 being the best, on how healthy I was in each specific category.

I found that my activity level dropped pretty drastically after I fractured my hand, but as I neared the end of my recover, it started to rise to pre-injury levels.

The food I was eating became healthier and healthier, perhaps because I was conscious that I was recording what I was eating each day.

My mental health was great for almost every day except for Saturday the 24th. Saturday was a bad bad day.

My sleep was all over the place, with the only constants being that I get worse sleep Monday and Wednesday nights because I have class early in the morning.

Miscellaneous was simply to account for any random factors that influenced my overall health. That was pretty consistently a non-factor (5), except for Saturday. Saturday was not a good day.

I considered several different ways of presenting this data, but I settled on the vertical bar graph with each day separated. I think it shows each day well, but any trends are hard to pick out.


Table created using Tableau software


New Media Playlist-Fractured

I created a playlist based on “fracture”. Many would assume that fracture is in relation to a relationship and a breakup but in my case it is literally about a fracture. I fractured my hand last week and thought it would appropriate to put together a playlist of fractures. I fell/dove on my wrist, so the beginning is about the fall, then the actual fracture and dealing with the fracture and then hopefully the ending is happy and I will have healed in a few weeks.


Here is an image from radiopedia that shows all of the hand bones. I fractured 15.

Here is the playlist:

Triptych Post

I took this picture in Miami over spring break last year and I could not help but think about all of the individuals on that beach who were so engrossed in their own worlds. I see it in everyday life where the world is so connected, yet everyone is on their phones or talking to people they know. We are all living in the same world yet it often feels like everyone is living in their own individual one.