Final Podcast Reflection (Producer)

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I found myself a bit overwhelmed by the producer role to be quite honest. I had experienced the other two roles and completed them with ease and so I did not think the role of the producer would or could be all that different from the others. I can confidently chalk the ease of the other two podcasts to my exceptional team of co-creators. Meagan and Ben really did exceptional work in the first two that only became 100% clear after I had done what they had done so well.

I did not realize just how much time was necessary to gather enough information to speak for 10-15 minutes. But let me tell you, it is a lot. You need to have enough different material to speak about for a lengthy period of time that all relate to each other and that is certainly not as easy as I had imagined.

Aside from the gathering of information, clearly expressing my ideas to both Meagan and Ben were quite hard as well. I had one idea in my head but I had trouble communicating just exactly what I wanted from each of them. This turned out ok because they each had different ideas that helped contribute to the overall podcast which I would never even have thought about.

At the end of the day, I can say that the experience was certainly eye-opening both from a managerial aspect as well as a time management one. I still need to improve my communication skills, and I think that stems from trying to rush through projects quickly. By not doing the entirety of my research before we all met, I put myself and my team at a distinct disadvantage. Although we ended up producing what I thought was an informative and well-done podcast, it certainly could’ve been easier on my team had I better prepared them.

New Media Podcast Reflection

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Creating a podcast was an entirely new adventure for myself. I have listened to countless podcasts over the years, yet I was completely unprepared for the other side of podcasts. As with most things, you do not truly appreciate how much effort goes into making them until you yourself actually experience the creation aspect of whatever it is. That certainly rang true for creating a podcast.

The first steps of the podcast were to come up with a topic for the specific episode. Once that was settled upon, research was the next crucial step, because without any of the research on the topic, we would not have been able to inform our listeners about some of the lesser known details. As I was quite busy with other schoolwork leading up to the podcast, Meagan took the lead on many aspects of the podcast, no more so than the research portion.  When you have fully researched a topic, you are more comfortable talking or writing about that topic. I certainly felt that was true in this case, as I became more confident in myself the more I knew about Vox (our topic).

The primary goal of our podcast was to inform listeners on how Vox has changed as their audience’s needs and wants have changed with the times. While also informing the listener of what Vox was and how the site operated, the primary objective was to offer our opinion on the question posed above.

The podcast most definitely allowed me to expand on my collaborative skills as I needed to manage and interact with several other group members to produce a high quality and timely episode of our podcast series. Collaboration is something that I have underutilized as my time as a student, and something that I hope I can continue to improve on in the future.

I would suggest to future students and to my future self to plan out and time manage more effectively. I felt myself scrambling towards the lead up of the recording of our podcast, and it is clear when listening back to the podcast that I am unprepared/nervous at the beginning of the episode. During the middle and end I became more confident in the script and thus in my performance.

Overall it was a learning experience and something which I enjoyed and would like to improve on for the final episode.